Monday, 20 August 2012

Vodacom realignment

In a footnote to its Half Year 2012 Trading Statement, Vodacom made reference to the change in the basis of reporting customers in its African operations.
It appears that - according to Vodacom - it has traditionally reported total customers as mobile customers registered on Vodacom’s network, which have not been disconnected (customers being disconnected after 215 days of inactivity), including inactive customers.
Now Vodacom has revised its reporting, and is showing the total number of mobile customers using any service during the last three months. This includes customers paying a monthly fee that entitles them to use the service even if they do not actually use the service and those customers who are active whilst roaming.

It will be recalled that this change was originally initiated in the DRC in 4Q 2009 when it ‘wrote off’ some 882,000 subscribers, or around 20 percent of the subscriber base. Check out the free whitepaper on Vodacom and owning group Vodafone's activities in Africa.

The chart shows the Vodacom subscriber numbers back-dated to show ’90-day’ active totals, although the DRC figures are unchanged from previous recent reporting.
For more on mobile subscriber numbers in Africa, by operator, check out The Africa & Middle East Mobile Telecoms Market in Figures 2Q 2012.

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