Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ICT initiative for mCel (Mozambique)

mCel and the Ministry of Science and Technology have agreed to implement of six media centres to provide information and communication technologies in three years. Two are to be provided in 2011. mCel is investing up to MZN 7.2 million (USD 259,000), and it joins the World Bank and Finland in supporting mass communication technologies in Mozambique, with the aim of providing 45 centres by 2014, compared to the current 36.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Virgin SIM swap (Qatar)

Qtel is reminding former subscribers of Qtel’s Virgin Mobile Service (QVMS) that they need to switch their old SIM card for a Qtel Hala SIM before 31 July 2011, or they will lose their credit balance and current number. The Virgin Mobile-branded service is being closed so as to fully comply with the ictQATAR’s directive.

Improved QoS monitoring for 2012 (Mauritania)

The Autorité de Régulation is setting up a new system to monitor the Quality of Service provided by networks, to be implemented next year. PMIConseil has been engaged to assist and advise. Financial penalties are to be introduced, and consumers will be informed ‘objectively and effectively’ of recognised levels of quality, with comparisons between operators to be provided.