Tuesday, 18 October 2011

VIVA Selects AdaptiveMobile to Ensure User Base Receive the Very Latest Privacy Protection

VIVA Selects AdaptiveMobile to Ensure User Base Receive the Very Latest Privacy Protection

Kuwait, 18th October, 2011
- AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile security is today announcing that VIVA, Kuwait’s most advanced mobile operator has implemented AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform which includes a call screening solution across its network of subscribers. The technology protects subscribers’ privacy by screening and controlling voice and video calls, SMS and MMS messages according to user preferences.

VIVA is the newest, most advanced mobile telecommunications service provider in Kuwait. The operator is quickly becoming a key player in the market working with 420 operators in 176 countries. VIVA is the latest mobile operator to select AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform as its solution of choice.

VIVA is committed to enriching the lives of its subscriber base. To ensure customer satisfaction levels remained high, VIVA wanted to offer customers the very latest mobile security functionality. This includes protecting users from the increasing number and sophistication of threats that mobiles and handheld devices are exposed to.

By deploying AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform VIVA has been able to offer a high-level of protection quickly and efficiently. The Call Screening software, which sits directly on the network, uses advanced screening technology to block offensive words and images from incoming messages before they get to the user. The service also restricts and diverts calls in pre arranged restricted time periods such as business or school hours ensuring productivity levels remain high – at a critical time for the country.

“The safety of an individuals’ privacy has increasingly become a cause for concern for many of our subscribers, and we wanted to reassure them that we value their privacy and their protection across our network was a key priority. We feel that it is critical that our subscribers are able to make the most of the benefits that the future of communication holds, but allowing them to feel secure whilst doing so is key,” says Salman Al-Badran, CEO, VIVA.

“The Call Screening solution ensures the necessary measures are in place to allow us to block unwanted calls and messages to users’ handsets. We chose AdaptiveMobile’s solution as it had proven experience in protecting subscribers, and the software could be deployed quickly and effectively. We want our customer’s lives to be enriched through communication, entertainment and transfer of information and AdaptiveMobile is helping make this possible,” concluded Al-Badran.

VIVA is the first operator in Kuwait to implement such a solution to provide protection for the three bearers of communication (SMS, MMS and Voice) across one single platform.

“Personal privacy has become more of a concern for mobile users’ and it is important that subscribers feel that their mobile operator sees this as a critical factor. VIVA picked us due to our heritage and expertise in the Middle East market and our ability to provide operators with service that meet their local needs. We are delighted to be helping VIVA provide its customer base with the very latest mobile security protection,” says Brian Collins, CEO, AdaptiveMobile.

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