Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Telecom Italia Sparkle Global IP Backbone “Seabone” climbs five positions to #8 worldwide in Renesys Global Customer Base Backbone ranking

“Seabone”, TI Sparkle’s Tier 1 Global IP Transit Backbone, reached position #8 worldwide today in Renesys Global Customer Base Backbone ranking. Positioned #13 last January, Seabone has been steadily climbing the internet research firm’s table over the last months, bypassing operators historically recognized as global leaders in the IP Transit segment. 

This success results from the customers’ consistent acknowledgment of TI Sparkle’s IP Transit Seabone service reliability and performance. The backbone has grown to become a global brand with very high recognition worldwide, contributing to position TI Sparkle as a reliable business partner as witnessed by the latest acquisition of key customers in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia where TI Sparkle now serves most of the major operators and ISPs.  At the same time TI Sparkle has recently strengthened the IP Transit relationship with a leading global operator with strong presence in Asia Pacific. 

“The investments we have carried out last year that aimed at consolidating the core backbone in Europe and the US and at providing a bullet-proof service, together with the footprint expansion in Africa and Asia, have paid off”, states Paolo Ferrari, TI Sparkle Chief Executive Officer. “We will continue along this path adding new IP points of presence in particular in the fast growing markets of Africa and South East Asia”, continues Ferrari.

Today, TI Sparkle 2-Terabyte Global IP Backbone Seabone is 100% Transit Free and fully IPv6 enabled; it ranks #3 in Europe and is the leading IP Service provider for Africa, with a consolidated customer base in the Middle East and in South America. 

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