Tuesday, 18 October 2011

MTC Holds Supplier Workshop In Windhoek

WINDHOEK, 18 OCTOBER 2011 - Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), Namibia’s leading mobile operator is holding a Suppliers Workshop on Friday, 21 October at the Polytechnic Hotel School for current and prospective suppliers of goods and services that the company procures on an ongoing basis.

MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo said the workshop is an annual event which is aimed at educating MTC suppliers on the company’s procurement processes

“We have realized that a lot of suppliers would like to participate in our procurement process but have no clue where to start and those who are already involved in the process do not know how to satisfy MTC’s needs and requirements,” Ekandjo said. He added the one-day workshop will also help to clarify any misunderstandings and miscommunication issues that may exist between MTC and the suppliers, thus making the whole process more open and transparent.

According to Ekandjo, the expected outcomes are mainly about how the suppliers are expected to align to MTC’s procurement needs and requirements. “We also listen to our suppliers and make justifiable changes to the process if needed. The workshop also serves as a networking opportunity for the suppliers,” Ekandjo emphasized.

Ekandjo said MTC is committed to working with Namibian suppliers for all its operational business requirements. The company uses an open or invited tender process to contract both small and large suppliers for its vast operational necessities. “MTC is dedicated to supporting the local industry for all goods and services; however, our suppliers must conform to our internal quality standards and commercial requirements. We are sensitive to the local supply chain and we are committed to working closely with local suppliers,” Ekandjo said.

MTC has three supplier categories, namely general suppliers for products and services, unique sole suppliers and specialised suppliers. The general supply of products that are not industry specific, such as stationary, groceries and promotional items, are supplied to MTC by suppliers, of which 85% is fully Namibian.

Specialised suppliers of services related to more complex technical operations are required mostly in the Base Station Tower (BTS) area of Infrastructure and BTS Maintenance. Namibian suppliers to MTC in this category currently stands at 98%.

The specialised supplier of products for the industry, such as the supply of 3G devices and handset generators, is supplied by a total of 49% Namibian suppliers, while general supply of services that are not industry specific, such as cleaning services, security services and the supply of accommodation, stands at a 99.6% Namibian supplier status.

A unique sole supplier is defined as a supplier providing a unique solution, mainly technological and IT. Thirty-eight percent of unique sole suppliers to MTC are Namibian. These category suppliers are long-term contracts, which will only be changed should the supplier or MTC default on the contract.

MTC currently makes use of the NPPC accreditation certificate to determine the BEE status of Namibian companies.

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