Tuesday, 11 October 2011

animal-2-machine deployment by MTC (Namibia)

Biosphere Expeditions is working with MTC on a leopard research project near Windhoek, with the aim of gathering reliable scientific data on the ecology of cat predators living on private game farms in Namibia.

"This is because we want to gain a better understanding of how leopards, as predators, form an important part of a healthy ecosystem even, on a game farm", says Kristina Killian, the project’s biologist, adding that "in the end we also want to provide straight-forward information to farmers in Namibia and southern Africa to help alleviate predator/game conflicts".

Three leopards have been captured and fitted with a GSM collar with an MTC SIM card, the collar then using the mobile network to send data to a laptop whenever the leopard picks up a signal from a base station. The data is being described as ‘amazingly precise information’ about the leopards’ movements and what they are up to within their home ranges on game farms.

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