Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tier-1 Middle East mobile operator selects Actix to streamline optimization

September 20, 2011
Actix’s solution will enable the operator to improve customer experience whilst increasing operational efficiency

Actix, a leader in mobile network analytics and optimization solutions, announced that a tier-1 Middle East operator is deploying Actix’s Network Optimization solution.

The Actix solution will automatically combine multi-vendor, multi-technology network data with geo-located customer experience data. It will replace fragmented tools and scripts to provide a single unified view of the network. This will make establishing both network and customer experience KPIs a straightforward process, allowing the operator to focus activities on areas that will have the greatest impact on both the network and customer.

In addition using powerful inbuilt analytics the system will identify issues, recommend solutions and automate optimization activities currently performed manually by engineers so saving them time. This is expected to deliver increased operational efficiency, effectively doubling the work capacity of the RAN engineering teams.
A further benefit is that the single view of the network can be shared by both the operator and managed service providers, leading to an improved joint understanding of network performance and customer experience.

“By incorporating customer experience data into our optimization solutions we’re enabling operators to look beyond the network and deliver improvements to their customers where it matters the most.” said Bill McHale, Actix CEO

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