Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Extra digit inserted (Togo)

The Regulatory Authority of Posts and Telecommunications Togo (ARTP) has announced the addition of an extra digit to phone numbers, making 8 digits the norm, with effect from Sunday 7 August 2011. Togo Telecom fixed lines now have a ‘2’ inserted in front of the old number; whilst Togo Cellulaire numbers starting with ‘9’ should now start with ‘90’; those starting with either ‘0’ or ‘8’ now change to 91; and those starting with ‘7’ should be changed to ‘92’. For Atlantic Telecom Togo (Moov), for numbers starting with’0’, ‘6’ or ‘8’, the first digit is replaced by ‘98’; and for those starting ‘5’, ‘7’ or ‘9’, the first digit should be changed to ‘99’. All numbers must be prefixed in Togo by 00 228.

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